About Us

The Sustainability Local Innovation Partnership Agenda Hub (SLIPAH), is a pioneering sustainability research and knowledge exchange Hub founded to champion sustainable innovation and collaboration within the local Northamptonshire region and beyond.

SLIPAH was launched on the 18th of July 2023 in the wake of the University of Northampton’s groundbreaking Sustainability Summit. The Summit was a dynamic convergence of several delegates representing diverse businesses, charities, local authorities, and higher education institutions. It facilitated insightful discussions that led to the identification of shared sustainability challenges.

The Sustainability Accord

The Northampton Sustainability Accord emerged from these discussions as a framework to address these challenges collectively. The Accord provides for the establishment of SLIPAH and gives it a mandate to implement the Accord, as well as coordinate the research and knowledge activities required to pursue the shared sustainability goals listed in the Accord.

At SLIPAH, we aim to foster a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures sustainable innovation and empowers stakeholders to collectively tackle pressing sustainability challenges. Anchored in the principles of collaboration, inclusivity, partnership and holistic progress, we aspire to make tangible contributions to achieving sustainable development working with signatory organisations to the Northampton Sustainability Accord and other stakeholder partners. The Accord serves as our guiding compass, encapsulating a set of sustainability goals endorsed by the stakeholder community.

SLIPAH is more than just a hub; it is a catalyst for transformative change. By aligning our research and knowledge activities with the Accord’s objectives, we aim to promote innovation in sustainability that transcends conventional boundaries. Our initiatives echo the spirit of the UON Sustainability Summit, fostering a vibrant space where ideas converge, and collaborations flourish. Through rigorous monitoring and assessment, we ensure that our efforts yield quantifiable results and impact, contributing to transparent accountability and continuous refinement of sustainable strategies.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to explore the diverse opportunities SLIPAH offers for sustainable innovation and collaboration. Together, we can usher in a future that harmonizes environmental responsibility, social progress, and economic growth.

Join us in building a legacy of sustainability for generations to come.

Sustainability Local Innovation Partner Agenda Hub

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